Explainer Video for Innsys

Learnings from producing this corporate video

We had the privilege to receive a video production enquiry from Mohamad Ameer Al-Dirini at Innsys International. We were tasked with producing a corporate animated video for Innsys that highlighted the company’s services portfolio.

It was an interesting engagement mainly because we had to balance the professionalism expected out of Corporate videos with the fun factor expected out of animated videos. Innsys also had their branding guidelines which had to be applied onto the video.

Mohamad was a demanding client but the review iterations and his team’s inputs resulted in a quality product which both the client and our team could be proud of. Checkout the video below.

Pradeep from App Marketing Video

Watch the Innsys International Video
Innsys International

Animated Explainer Video produced by App Marketing Video

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