Animated Explainer Video for Purdicom Wireless Solutions

A series of animated videos produced for Purdicom's Wireless Roadshow

Gary from 10Seconds, UK was consulting for Purdicom Wireless Solutions when he came to us with the requirement of producing a series of Animated videos for Purdicom’s Wireless Roadshow event.

To knock out the boredom and repetitiveness that haunts corporate and product
demonstration videos, Gary came up with a concept of ‘importing’ characters and properties from Purdicom’s offices into the actual video as animated characters and properties. This would help attract eyeballs at Purdicom’s Wireless Roadshow, as people would be thrilled to see the cartoon characters on the big screen coming alive in person.

Gary’s idea paid off and Purdicom attracted a lot of curiosity during the event. It was a win-win, and we will cherish the fun factor involved in getting something like that done.

Pradeep from App Marketing Video

Watch the Purdicom Wireless Solutions Video
Purdicom Wireless

Animated Explainer Video produced by App Marketing Video

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