Animated Explainer Video for Wipelot Smart Mining

Our key takeaways from this video production engagement

Rifat from Okyanus Teknoloji / Wipelot Smart Mines got in touch with us with respect to a requirement to produce an animated video that explained how their Smart Mining Technology solutions can be useful to miners who risked their lives on a daily basis.

From Day 1, it was an engagement that pushed us out of our comfort zone. For, we did not have any understanding about the Mining industry. We first needed to understand the Industry and Wipelot’s solution from an end user perspective before we could put our thinking hat on and propose the storyboard for the animated video.

In the end, we can’t thank Rifat enough for supporting us through the journey. It was an additional challenge to sketch and bring alive, the mining environment into the video. However, the client loved the end result, and so did we. Please watch the video below.

With Thanks,
Pradeep from App Marketing Video

Watch the Wipelot Smart Mining Solutions Video

Animated Explainer Video produced by App Marketing Video

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Life always begins with one step outside of your comfort zone.

Shannon L. Alder